Arts and Sciences

The transfer programs are listed below, and linked to their corresponding Web pages:

College Transfer Programs

The Associate of Arts and Sciences curriculum is designed for students who plan to complete a baccalaureate degree program at a four-year college or university. Courses permitting concentration in areas of particular interest are provided and should be included in each student's program. Each program takes four semesters or two years of full time study.

In addition to admission requirements established by Dabney S. Lancaster Community College (DSLCC), satisfactory completion of the following high school units or their equivalent is required:

Specific course requirements for the Associate of Arts and Sciences degree are intended to provide a balanced foundation in general education. Approximately one third of the program consists of elective courses which the student chooses in accordance with the course of study he or she plans to pursue at a four-year college or university.

Students planning to transfer to a particular institution should work with both their DSLCC academic advisor and their advisor at the four-year college or university of their choice to assure that all courses taken at DSLCC are applicable to their program of study.

Basic Computer Competencies Requirements

The Virginia Community College System (VCCS) believes that all students should experience a teaching-learning environment that espouses computer and information literacy in accessing electronic resources and applying knowledge through technology. The VCCS endorses the principle of computer competency for all students intent on completing a curriculum in specific computer competencies defined within programs and by individual institutions.

The student will be able to:

DSLCC requires courses in each associate degree curriculum which give students the opportunity to master the above skills. In addition, many elective courses are offered which give the student additional opportunity for skill building.