Workforce Development

Workforce Development Designed To Meet Your Needs

Each Business Partner is Unique!

We know that the most effective workforce training comes from a true working relationship between employer and trainer. Training programs can be customized to support our business partners' specific needs.

Whether you are hiring for the first time, retraining for new projects or investing in the long-term development of employees, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College (DSLCC) offers the right match of programs and employee development plans. A representative of DSLCC will meet with you to discuss your training needs. Assistance is provided in the following areas:

Flexible Delivery

DSLCC makes training convenient for your business! Our training programs can be offered at the time and location that meet your schedule.

A World of Opportunities

As part of Virginia's comprehensive educational and business assistance network, DSLCC brings virtually unlimited resources to each business partner. If expertise or technology beyond those provided within DSLCC's on-site reserves are needed, we know where to turn.

Each Workforce Development Business Partner is Supported by:

Practical Solutions

Whether you need professional development for managers or highly-technical industrial training, DSLCC's Workforce Development program provides practical strategies for improving productivity, upgrading skills, or introducing new approaches, methods, software or machinery.

We can design an entirely new program to address specific training criteria or customize a course from one of our current offerings.

The Bottom Line — Success

DSLCC has a proven record in providing successful Workforce Development programs! DSLCC's strengths become your business' assets through a strategic Workforce Development partnership that includes:

DSLCC doesn't disappear when one training course is complete. We work with you through every stage of a successful program — from conception to satisfactory follow-up. Our Workforce Development partnerships are made to last as long as you need us.