Admission Requirements

Students must meet the general requirements for admission to DSLCC.

Students whose placement test scores indicate the need to increase their level of proficiency in reading, writing and/or mathematics will be required to take appropriate developmental courses.  Enrolling in developmental courses may increase the length of time necessary for completing the chosen course(s) or program of study, but will enhance the student's preparation for college-level coursework and increase the chances for successful attainment of academic, occupational and personal goals.

Also, applicants are advised that most proprietary and contract security agencies set physical standards and the Commonwealth of Virginia investigates the moral character of all applicants prior to registration.  Since the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) has established eighteen (18) years of age as the minimum age for registration as a private security officer or private investigator in the Commonwealth of Virginia, students cannot be enrolled in ADJ-139, ADJ-152, and ADJ-153 who do not meet this age requirement.