Tools, Equipment and Supplies

Because the instructor(s) use technology to minimize the need to produce, print and store large quantities of paper copies, students may want to include the cost of some printing as they develop a budget for college expenses. It is estimated that students use approximately one ream of paper each semester to print out notes, hand-outs, etc. They may also want to consider the cost of printing (ink) and/or the cost of making copies, at the college or other site of their choosing.

ADJ students should have access to a personal desktop or laptop computer with internet access. Blackboard learning system accounts are established for each ADJ course and quizzes are designed to be completed via computer on the students’ own time, rather than during scheduled class times. Due to selected deadlines, students may need to complete some assigned work at times when the buildings on the main campus or the DSLCC Rockbridge Regional Center are closed.