Advanced Manufacturing Fundamentals Career Studies Certificate

The Advanced Manufacturing Fundamentals Career Studies is a response to nontraditional, short-term program education needs of many adults. Many of the courses are offered during evening hours so that it is possible for an individual to earn a certificate while remaining employed. Career Studies Certificates require between nine (9) and twenty-nine (29) semester credit hours. While some Career Studies Certificates are related to Certificate or Associate of Applied Science degree programs, others are self-contained.

The DSLCC Continuing Education and Workforce Services Division provides Career Studies Certificates which are not related to associate degree programs. These programs are designed to provide students with specific work-related skills. The College works with local employers to design programs which will lead to employment in local businesses and industries.

The Career Studies Certificate in Advanced Manufacturing Fundamentals includes nine (9) courses on topics that include technical skills, computer applications, technical mathematics and an introduction of principle concepts of technology in the manufacturing environment.

Program Requirements

The program requires completion of selected specialized courses. All electives must be approved prior to enrollment. A Career Studies Certificate is awarded upon completion of the program with an overall GPA (grade point average) of 2.0.