Admission Requirements

Students must meet the general admission requirements to the College.

Applicants should be eligible for placement in College English and in Technical Mathematics or higher.

In addition, students need to be aware that pursuing this certificate means you understand that many employers have specific job requirements. Wind Turbine Technicians work with large, complex computer-controlled electromechanical systems. Although some technicians may work in manufacturing facilities, most Wind Turbine Service Technicians will work in the field and may be expected to carry out their duties at both on-shore and off-shore sites, in confined spaces in elevated locations, and sometimes under extreme environmental conditions.

Some of the climates and locations may be harsh and physically demanding. Many employers have specific climbing, lifting, or other physical activity requirements as terms of employment. The use of heavy equipment may be involved. Technicians working in the field should be able to climb at least a 280-foot ladder and regularly carry 75 pounds. In addition to expected knowledge, specific skill sets and physical requirements, employers may also have applicants provide evidence of a clean driving record, no criminal history and/or no use of illegal substances.

Since Utility-Scale wind operations are feasible only in specific geographic locations, the Wind Turbine Service Technician must be willing to travel extensively and/or relocate to take full advantage of career opportunities in the industry.