Employment Outlook

Wind Energy Turbine Technicians may work in a variety of settings involving a broad range of job titles and duties. They may work in the assembly and testing of wind turbines and in the construction and commissioning of wind farms. In working wind farms, they are responsible for operating, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing large integrated technology systems that produce and distribute great amounts of electrical power. This work requires advanced technology knowledge and skills in applications of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, electronic and computer technologies.

Although some technicians may work in manufacturing facilities, most Wind Turbine Energy Technicians will work in the field and may be expected to carry out their duties at both on-shore and off-shore sites, in elevated locations, and sometimes under extreme environmental conditions. The use of heavy equipment may be involved. Technicians working in the field should be able to climb at least a 280-foot ladder and regularly carry 75 pounds.

For information about this challenging field, please reference the Occupational Outlook Handbook developed by the US Department of Labor.