Tools, Equipment and Supplies

In addition to tuition, transportation to and from all field and clinical rotations and parking fees at those sites students will be responsible for the following items:

Pre-Admission Estimated Costs

Physical  Exam


Urine Drug Screen 


Criminal Background Check


Total Pre-Entrance Fees

Program Esitmated Costs



Supplies (stethoscope, bandage sheers, etc)


FISDAP Scheduler & Skills Tracker pkg access (1 year)


Uniform parts- EMT pants, polo shirt, & boots


Total Items for Program Costs


Post Program Completion Estimated Cost

EMT National Training- National Registry Review


National Registry Testing for Certification


Total Post Completion Costs


Approximate total cost, (in addition to tuition and fees)

Please note that costs are provided to guide students in the planning of a budget for the program and are estimated based on costs charged in previous years. The College does not assume responsibility for the numbers that are listed; the actual costs are set by external vendors/agencies and are subject to change without notice.

Total ESTIMATED cost (in addition to tuition and fees)