To be eligible for the dual enrollment program offered at your high school, you must:

*In some cases, students who do not have junior or senior status may be considered on a case-by-case basis, but will have to secure permission from the high school guidance counselor and principal in addition to special permission from the College.

**Students may be exempt from DSLCC testing with satisfactory PSAT, SAT or ACT scores on file.

Classes Offered

Application Process

Complete the DSLCC Application for Admission during the spring semester and submit by the July 1 deadline.

Online Application

Print Application confirmation and have parent sign it. THIS IS REQUIRED FOR ALL STUDENTS UNDER 24 YEARS OF AGE.

This should be sent to:

Student Services
Dabney S Lancaster Community College
P.O. Box 1000
Clifton Forge, VA 24422

Paper Application

Placement Testing

Take placement test.

Review scores with your high school guidance counselor or a DSLCC representative who will meet with you at your school or by appointment at DSLCC.

Registration Process

Follow your schools instructions on how to register for the actual course(s) you will be taking.

Withdrawal Process

Student Consumer Information

You have rights and responsibilities as a DSLCC student. Check the DSLCC Catalog and Student Handbook on line; find the Table of Contents and look for "DSLCC Student Complaint and Grievance Policy". (Please note that not all sections may apply to dual enrollment students.)


The DSLCC grades you earn remain on your student record.

Dual enrollment courses are official college that should be taken seriously by each student; enroll in a DSLCC dual enrollment course only if you feel that you are ready for college-level work requiring time and effort to achieve a passing grade.

Requesting a Transcript

Library Resources

Students enrolled in DSLCC dual enrollment courses are eligible to receive the services offered through the College Library. Hours are posted online and include evenings and Sunday afternoons; please note, however, that special hours are observed during holidays and semester brakes so you are strongly encouraged to call ahead before driving to campus. Library director, Nova Wright and her helpful staff invite you to use their services and are dedicated to student success. Call (540) 863-2868 or email

Withdrawing from a Dual Enrollment Class

After talking with your parents and teacher, meet with your high school guidance counselor to withdraw from a class. Be aware that you can only withdraw at certain times during the semester.

Taking classes at DSLCC or the RRC

In some circumstances, a student may be take dual enrollment classes at either the main campus or Rockbridge Regional Center. Occasionally, a student will take a DSLCC course that is not dual enrollment. This is what is called concurrent enrollment (enrolled at both the high school and college) and not earning credit simultaneously for both classes at each institution.

Accessing your student records

Dabney S. Lancaster Community College is on a student information system called OASIS (Online Access to Student Information System.)

Students who enroll in dual enrollment courses are able to view enrollment information through OASIS. You should begin by going to

Follow directions for setting up a USERNAME and establishing a PASSWORD. If you need assistance, call the Help Desk at (540) 863-2911. Have your identification number (EMPL ID) ready.

Your student record contains information about courses you are taking (or have taken) and course grades.

Student Consumer Information

See the DSLCC Catalog & Student Handbook (from Table of Contents click on DSLCC Student Complaint and Grievance Policy -- near the end of TOC) Not all sections may be applicable to dual enrollment students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and Dual Enrollment Programs?

Unlike advanced placement and international baccalaureate programs, dual enrollment classes carry college credit and are not dependent on a particular score on a standardized test before a college will grant credit for the various courses taken in these programs.

Dual Enrollment classes take through DSLCC are taught to the same academic standards as the classes taught on our campus.

What is the transferability of dual enrollment classes?

Dabney S. Lancaster Community College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Most students who have completed a course with a grade of C or better have little difficulty transferring their college level coursework. However, the transferability of any particular class is solely at the discretion of the accepting institution. It is important to understand the specific requirements of the accepting institution.

If I participate in the dual enrollment program, do I have to attend DSLCC?

No. Dual enrollment provides you with the flexibility of choice. Keep in mind that DSLCC is a lower cost choice to completion of your general education requirements and has guaranteed enrollment agreements with many colleges.