Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Admitted to a Curriculum?

Admission to the College does not necessarily admit the student to a particular curriculum. The specific requirements for all curricula may be found in the Programs of Study. Persons who do not initially meet the requirements for a specific curriculum may be eligible for entrance at a later time after completing the appropriate requirements. Click here for the Change of Status form in order to be admitted to a curriculum or to change your current curriculum.

What are the Requirements for Admission to Courses?

Admission to specific courses is available when the student meets the prerequisite requirements for the course as identified in the Course Description or Programs of Study sections.

What about Independent Study Classes?

All independent study/on-line classes have the additional prerequisite of completion of 12 hours of college credit with a GPA of 2.25, or prior written instructor approval.

What about Non-Credit Courses?

Persons applying for non-credit courses do not necessarily have to meet the College's admission requirements. See Continuing Education & Workforce Services for the application and registration form.

I'm a Veteran or a Member of the National Guard

The College's certificate and degree programs are approved by the State Department of Education for payment of veterans' benefits. Requests for benefits should be directed to the Financial Aid Coordinator in Student Services.

Does DSLCC Offer Senior Citizen Admissions?

Legal residents of Virginia who are 60 years of age or older may qualify for free tuition for credit, audit, or non-credit courses. Registration for credit courses without payment, either as a full-time or part-time student, requires that taxable income not exceed $15,000 the preceding year. A nonpaying senior citizen may be dropped from a course if space is needed for a paying student. All of the guidelines are located on the Senior Citizen Tuition Assistance Agreement form which must be filled out in order to receive tuition assistance.

I'm an International Student

DSLCC admits qualified foreign students who have Resident Alien Status and are already residing in the United States. The College is not authorized by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service to process students applying from abroad or those requiring the College to initiate or maintain an F-1 Student Visa. Click here for information on foreign transcript evaluation.

I'm Still in High School

Dual Enrollment
"Dual enrollment" gives high school students (including home schooled students) the opportunity to earn college credits while meeting the requirements for high school graduation. College credits earned at DSLCC may meet the high school's graduation requirements, may be applied toward graduation at DSLCC, and may be transferred to another college or university. Details are available in Student Services or in the high school guidance office.

Concurrent Enrollment
“Concurrent Enrollment” is the enrollment of high school students (including home schooled students) in college credit for which they are not receiving high school credit. It gives students who do not need additional high school credits the ability to begin their college careers early, enjoying the challenge of college courses. Details are available in Student Services or in the high school guidance office.

Does DSLCC Offer Admissions for Home Schooled Students?

DSLCC welcomes home schooled students!  Applicants will generally be at least 16 years old and comply with the following procedures.

  1. Applicants will provide a current copy of a completed and signed home schooled agreement between the appropriate school system and the authorizing parent or guardian.

  2. An applicant whose home schooling does not require a home schooled agreement will generally be 18 years of age and able to demonstrate the ability to benefit from a program at the College as evaluated by an appropriate score on the placement test or the SAT or ACT test.

  3. Applicants will submit a college application and meet with an academic advisor for course approval.

  4. Applicants will complete placement testing in mathematics, English and reading unless they have taken the SAT or ACT test.

  5. Applicants will meet with an academic advisor to plan their program of study.