Faculty Development Grant

Through a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Hammond, Sr., in memory of Mr. Hammond’s parents, the Dabney S. Lancaster Community College Educational Foundation has established the Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Hammond, Sr. Faculty Development Grant.


The FDG is a unique professional development opportunity enabling current, full-time teaching faculty at DSLCC to enhance and broaden their expertise through international or domestic educational travel experiences* The purpose of the travel is to provide a concentrated practicum focused on one or more areas of expertise. Faculty will utilize the knowledge and skills learned during their experience to broaden and internationalize their curriculum at DSLCC.

*Preference is given to international travel.


The candidate must be a currently employed member of the full-time teaching and, in some cases, administrative faculty with at least one full year of full-time service at DSLCC at the time of travel.


It is expected that the grant award will enhance the educational experience at Dabney S. Lancaster Community College. The recipient is expected to incorporate the knowledge and/or skills learned from the educational experience into the curricula or continuing educational process. He/she will develop and present to the College and/or the community, a program regarding the experience within six months of return. The recipient must continue as a full-time faculty member for two years after receipt of the grant. For each year or part of a year not in service to the College, 50 percent of the grant must be repaid.

Application Requirements

The candidate must complete the grant application, which includes the purpose of the travel experience and details how the knowledge and/or skills gained will be incorporated into the curriculum. A tentative itinerary, indicating the objectives of each stop and how each experience will enhance teaching, must also be included. Applicants are encouraged to develop collaborative efforts with organizations/individuals in the countries involved. Example: A criminal justice professor in collaboration with Scotland Yard, an art professor interning/working at the Louvre, or perhaps teachers seeking to broaden or overhaul a specific curriculum can attend a development institute or conference in another area of the United States. Applicants also should include an estimated budget and endorsements from the division chair and the appropriate Vice President. All arrangements must be made by the grant recipient. The application deadline is March 15; however, if no award has been made by that deadline, applications may still be accepted.


Awards normally will be announced on or before April 15 and usually will range from $2,500 - $5,000. Costs associated with the recipient’s travel will be reimbursed upon completion of travel and submission of appropriate documentation. Documentation must be submitted by December 31 of the year the grant is awarded. No salary, stipend, or benefits will be paid – only expenses. Normally, a maximum of one award will be given every other year. Should funds accumulate in years in which there is no award, additional funds may be available to increase the amount of the award granted and/or to make additional awards.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee that will include Mr. and Mrs. Hammond or two representatives of the Hammond family, the President of the College, the President of the DSLCC Educational Foundation, two Educational Foundation Board members (to be selected by the Foundation President) and the Director of the Foundation. The Committee reserves the right to reject any and all applications.


*Please note that the grant may not be awarded every year.

The DSLCC Educational Foundation does not discriminate with regard to

race, creed, gender, national origin, disability or any other non-merit factor.