Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Title Phone Number E-Mail Department Location Room
Agnor, Sharon Administrative Assistant   sagnor Student Services RRC  
Allan, David Bookstore Manager 863-2908 dallan Bookstore Moomaw Center  
Anderson, Glenn Associate Professor 863-2853 ganderson English Scott Hall Room #307
Andrews, Julie Nursing Admin. Assistant 863-2838 jandrews Nursing Backels Hall Room #204
Appel, Gary Instructor 863-2858 gappel Mathematics Scott Hall Room #313
Armentrout, Alisa Administrative Assistant 863-2816 aarmentrout Student Services Backels Hall Room #123
Armour, Gilbert Network Manager 540-863-2814 garmour Technical Services Backels Hall Room #152
Ayers, Michael Learning Strategies Tutor 2 863-2918 mayers Achievement Center Backels Hall Room #217
Baker, Doris Administrative Assistant 863-2929 dbaker Buildings and Grounds Physical Plant Room #706
Bartley, Phyllis Administrative Assistant 863-2887 pbartley Continuing Education McCarthy Hall Room #500
Bartocci, Charles Program Head 863-2892 cbartocci Wind Energy Technology Scott Hall Room #376
Benke, Sam Program Head 863-2896 sbenke Information Systems Technology Warren Room #419
Blackley, John Instructor   jblackley Humanities    
Blouin, Jo Ann Instructor   jblouin Mathematics    
Bodnar, Jennifer Counselor 863-2897 jbodnar Talent Search McCarthy Hall Room #515
Boteler, Cynthia Director, Student Activities 863-2828 cboteler Student Services Moomaw Center Room #528
Bowen, Charlie Housekeeping Staff 863-2881 cbowen Buildings and Grounds Scott Hall Room #362
Boyer, Sr., Gary Program Head 863-2885 glboyersr Administration of Justice Warren Hall Room #418
Brinkley, Paul Grounds Staff 863-2809 pbrinkley Buildings and Grounds    
Broughman, Joyce Adult Career Coach, On Ramp Coordinator/Career Coach 863-2923 jbroughman Office of Transition Programs - CEWS Scott Hall Room #348
Brown, Pam Accounts Receivable 863-2804 pbrown Business Office Backels Hall Room #143
Broyles, Joy Financial Aid Coordinator 863-2861 jbroyles Student Services Backels Hall Room #129
Bryant, Michael Program Head 863-2895 mbryant Welding Scott Hall Room #366
Burch, Clayton Retention Specialist 863-2862 cburch Achievement Center Backels Hall Room #217
Burgess, Jodi Administrative Assistant
jburgess Educational Foundation Backels  
Bush, Stan Adjunct Instructor   sbush Administration of Justice    
Campbell, Butch Housekeeping Staff 863-2922 bcampbell Buildings and Grounds Scott Hall Room #362
Campbell, David Security Staff 863-2951 dcampbell Buildings and Grounds Scott Hall Room #362
Campbell, Kathy Supervisor, Housekeeping 863-2934 kcampbell Buildings and Grounds Scott Hall Room #363
Capps, Sandra Office Manager 863-2873 scapps Talent Search McCarthy Hall Room #515
Cartwright, Lindsay Server Administrator 863-2813 lcartwright Technical Services Backels Hall Room #152
Casstevens, Kristy Director 863-2860 kcasstevens Achievement Center Scott Hall Room #515
Clark, Judy Coordinator, Non-Credit Classes 863-2863 jclark Continuing Education & Workforce Services McCarthy Hall Room #506
Clarke, Amy Assistant Professor, Nursing 863-2852 aclarke Nursing Backels Hall Room #210
Clarke, Kathie Administrative Assistant 863-2865 kclarke Library Scott Hall Room #648
Coleman, Deborah Adjunct Instructor dcoleman Psychology/Health Sciences
Coleman, Judy Instructor 863-2843 jcoleman Psychology/Health Sciences Backels Hall Room #210
Conner, Carol Administrative Assistant 540-261-1211 chconner Student Services Rockbridge Regional Center Room #Front Desk
Cooprider, Kirsten Instructor 863-2830 kcooprider Mathematics Armory/Convocation Center Room #657
Deane, Charlie Mail Courier 863-2882 cdeane Buildings and Grounds Armory/Convocation Center Room #628
DeGroot, Edna Instructor   jdegroot Science    
Dobbs, George Mail Courier 863-2826 gdobbs Physical Plant Armory/Convocation Center Room #628
Dodrill, Earl Coordinator 863-2902 edodrill Continuing Education & Workforce Services McCarthy Hall Room #505
Dressler, Tina Associate Professor 863-2817 tdressler Psychology Scott Hall Room #306
Dressler, W.L. Supervisor, Grounds 863-2878 wdressler Buildings and Grounds Physical Plant Room #704
Dudley, Kasey Lab Assistant   kdudley EMS    
Dujardin, Ann Adjunct Faculty & CEWS   adujardin English    
Dunaway, Angell Instructor
Nursing Backels Hall  
Dynak, John Instructor   jdynak Chemistry    
Ellis-Smith, Beverley Assistant Professor 863-2844 bellissmith Nursing Backels Hall 213
Fauber, Penny Program Head & Director 458-3299 pfauber Practical Nursing Program-Rockbridge Carilion Stonewall Jackson Hospital Room #1
Ferguson, Lorrie Registrar 863-2823 lwferguson Student Services Backels Hall Room #122
Ferguson, Meghan Tutor 863-2906 mferguson Achievement Center Backels Hall  
Floyd, Christopher Adjunct Faculty   cfloyd English    
Frazier, Donna Adjunct Faculty   dfrazier ITE    
Fry, William Lab Assistant   wfry EMS    
Garrett, Steve
  Physical Education    
Gilbert, Lawrence Instructor   lgilbert Arts & Sciences    
Goralewicz, Robert Adjunct Professor
rgoralewicz Psychology
Graham, Angie Vice President Financial & Administrative Services 863-2806 agraham Business Office Backels Hall Room #148
Graham, Eddie Director, Jackson River Governor's School 863-2872 egraham JRGS Backels hall Room #223
Hale, Samantha Writing Center Tutor   shale Writing Center - Library Scott Hall  
Hall, Sarah Business Office Accountant 863-2801 shall Business Office Backels Hall Room #143-D
Hardbarger, Christie Director, Talent Search 863-2874 chardbarger Talent Search McCarthy Hall Room #515
Hawley, Tina Assistant Professor of Nursing Simulation 863-2802 thawley Nursing Backels Hall Room #211
Hayslett, Roger Housekeeping Staff 863-2851 rhayslett Buildings and Grounds Scott Hall Room #362
Hileman, John Housekeeping Staff 863-2845 jhileman Buildings and Grounds Scott Hall Room #362
Hobbs, Andrew Lab Aid - CEWS
ahobbs CEWS
Jamison, Cecilia Instructor  


Jennings, Robin Administrative Assistant 863-2899 rjennings Continuing Education & Workforce Services McCarthy Hall Room #500
Johnson, Gail Presidential Assistant 863-2819 gjohnson President's Office Backels Hall Room #115
Keener, Gary Vice President, CEWS; Dean, Occupational/etc 863-2900 gkeener Occupational/Technical/Allied Health Programs McCarthy Hall Room #508
Keiling, Brian Program Head 863-2894 bkeiling Forestry Scott Hall Room #378
Kenny, Ed Supervisor 863-2880 ekenny Buildings and Grounds Physical Room #705
Kern, Donnie Job Placement Coordinator 863-2848 dkern Continuing Education & Workforce Services Scott Hall Room #349
Khron, Helena Instructor   hkrohn Humanities    
Kolb, Barbara Instructor   Arts & Sciences    
Lawrence, Gloria Instructor 261-1211 glawrence Massage Therapy Rockbridge  
Leasure, Peggy Learning Strategic Support Specialist 863-2857 mleasure Student Services RRC Room #936
Linkswiler, Rebecca Travel/Purchasing Officer 863-2879 blinkswiler Business Office Backels Hall Room #143A
Lipscomb, Tamra Director of Technical Services 863-2905 tlipscomb Technical Services Backels Hall Room #151
Loan, Donna Instructor 863-2926 dloan English Scott Hall Room #305
Maier, Marcus College Success Coach 863-2840 mmaier Student Services Backels Room #217
Mann, Jeanette Instructor 863-2832 jmann EMS McCarthy Hall Room #503
Marshall, Bridget Counselor 463-6644 bmarshall Talent Search Rockbridge High School Room #
Mathias, James Adjunct Faculty   jmathias Information Systems Technology    
Mathias, Nancy Learning Strategies Support Specialist 863-2921 nmathias Student Support services/Achievement Center Backels Hall Room #205
McAllister, Lynn Program Head 863-2933 lmcallister Nursing Backels Hall Room #209
McGraw, Darilyn Library Specialist II 863-2810 dmcgraw Library Scott Hall Room #648
McGraw, Matt Director 863-2866 mmcgraw Student Services Backels Hall Room #124
McManus, Phillip Program Head 863-2931 pmcmanus Culinary Rockbridge Regional Center Room #911
Montgomery, Tammy Administrative Assistant 261-1211 tmontgomery Rockbridge Regional Center Rockbridge Regional Center Room #900
Nava, Maria Adjunct Instructor   mnava Mathematics    
Nicely, Kathy Administrative Assistant 863-2841 knicely Arts & Sciences Scott Hall Room #309
Nicholson, Stephen Instructor 863-2888 snicholson Mathematics Scott Hall Room #316
Olson, Bruce Instructor 863-2883 bolson Physical Education Armory/Convocation Center Room #657
Orem, Christopher Director of Institutional Effectiveness 863-2912 corem Institutional Effectiveness Armory Room #655
Ould, William (Billy) AV Specialist 863-2869 would Technical Services Backels Hall Room #152
Persinger, Karen Associate Professor 863-2889 kpersinger Nursing Backels Hall Room #211
Petrosky-Santiago, Antonio Tutor   apetrosky-santiago Library    
Puckett, Mark Housekeeping Staff 863-2846 mpuckett Buildings and Grounds Scott Hall Room #362
Rainone, John President 863-2827 jrainone Office of the President Backels Hall Room #111
Rickett, Melanie Business Manager 863-2807 mrickett Business Office Backels Hall Room #147
Robertson, Karen Counselor 863-2876 krobertson Talent Search McCarthy Hall Room #515
Sass, Ralph Assistant Professor 863-2890 rsass Economics & Business Scott hall Room #314
Scott, Michael Vice President 863-2850 mscott Student Services & Research; Dean, Arts & Sciences Backels Hall Room #154A
Shaver, Joe Instructor 863-2877 jshaver Humanities Scott Hall Room #308
Sherrard, Rob Instructor   rsherrard Humanities   Room #308
Sigler, Haley Instructor   hsigler Continuing Education    
Smestad, Kathy Administrative Assistant 863-2824 ksmestad President's Office Backels Hall Room #114
Smith, James Lee Educational Support 863-2932 jsmith Talent Search McCarthy Hall Room #515
Smith, Mattie Instructor 863-2913 mqsmith English Scott Hall Room #305
Smitka, Gloria Associate Professor 863-2842 gsmitka Nursing Rockbridge Regional Center Room #934
Swink, Susie Cashier 863-2803 sswink Business Office Backels Hall Room #143
Teaford, Mary Work Study   mteaford Student Serivces    
Thacker, Joe Instructor 863-2893 jthacker Forestry Scott Hall Room #392
Thompson, Loren W. Lab Assistant   lwthompson EMS    
Thompson, Rachael Executive Director 863-2837 rthompson Educational Foundation Backels Hall #105
Tiffany, Bill Instructor 863-2919 btiffany Truck Driver CDL McCarthy Hall Room #503
Tolley, April Director of Human Resources 863-2808 atolley Human Resources Backels Hall Room #149
Unroe, Melissa Research Analyst 863-2831 munroe Institutional Effectiveness and Research Department Armory Room #656
VanLear, Tondalaya Advisor for Education Assistant Professor, English 863-2854 tvanlear Education Scott Hall Room #306
Vaughn, Patricia Student Academic Support Librarian 863-2805 pvaughn Library Scott Hall  
Vosteen, Paul Web Designer/Developer, Blackboard Administrator 863-2833 pvosteen Technical Services Backels Hall Room #152
Wade, Mike Instructor 863-2825 mwade Wind Energy Technology
Room #
Walker, Joe Director of RRC 261-1211 jwalker Student Services RRC Room #913
Wallace, Michelle Assistant Professor/Transition Lead Instructor, Nursing 863-2839 ewallace Nursing Backels Hall Room #208
Willenbring, Stan Professor 863-2871 swillenbring Biology Backels Hall Room #222
Williamson, Vicki Administrative Assistant 863-2820 vwilliamson Student Serivces Backels Hall Room #139
Wiseman, Ted Grounds Attendant 863-2811 twiseman Buildings and Grounds Physical Plant Room #710
Wright, Hazel Payroll Officer 863-2829 hwright Business Office Backels Hall Room #143B
Wright, Nova Director, Library 863-2868 nwright Library Scott Hall Room #648