Rockbridge Area Student Housing

Student Housing

Students attending DSLCC are responsible for making their own housing arrangements.  The college does not offer on-campus housing, but assists students and families by providing information about housing options in the immediate area.

Please note that the individuals and businesses named as housing contacts have indicated their interest in sharing information with students. The college provides this information as a service and is not recommending or promoting any of the listings. Also, DSLCC assumes no responsibility for the arrangements made between students and any of these individuals or businesses, including financial matters and/or safety issues.

Apartments and Rooms

Property owners in the area regularly contact the college with information about rental houses, apartments and room and board options. A current listing may be obtained by contacting the Rockbridge Regional Center at (540) 261-1211

About the area:
City of Buena Vista
City of Lexington
Rockbridge County
Lexington-Rockbridge Chamber of Commerce